Read with your ears. Turn any webpage into audio narrated by real people!
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How It Works

  • Request

    Request any article, blog or site that you want to "read" later.
  • We'll Narrate

    A voice actor will read aloud what you’ve colonized.
  • You Listen

    Read with your ears. Go ahead and drive or run whilst "reading" at once.

Why Reading with Your Ears is Better

  • Drive Better

    Read without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Work Better

    Read without missing a beat in the office.
  • Better Commute

    Fill up your time with what you want to read.
  • Better Burn

    Time and calories flash by as you listen to whatever story you fancy.
  • Better Retention

    Studies show many people retain information better when they listen to it.
  • Better Life

    Being able to listen to your reading frees up your mind and eyes to enjoy what’s happening around you.